Intrepid Commanding Officer – G.E. Short

An Educational Venue

 for former U.S.S. Intrepid (CV, CVA, CVS-11) Crewmembers

Chapter XIV

Intrepid Commanding Officer

Capt G. E. Short – Feb 15, 1945 – Jan 31, 1946 

Giles Elza Short was born in Lohrville, Iowa, on March 25, 1895. He entered the Naval Academy on appointment from Iowa in 1915, and was graduated and commissioned Ensign on June 7, 1918. He attained the rank of Captain in July 1943 and upon retirement on June 30, 1949, was advanced to the rank of Rear Admiral on the basis of combat citations. 

In June 1919, during World War I, he was ordered to the USS Conyngham, based at Queenstown, Ireland. In December, he was transferred to U.S. Naval Headquarters, Brest, France, and in February was assigned to the ex-German ship, Grad Waldersee. In April, he was ordered to assist in fitting out the USS Thornton on which he served until December 1920, as Senior Engineer Officer.

From December 1920 until November 1921 he had flight instruction at NAS, Pensacola, and was then ordered to NAS, Anacostia, DC in June 1922. There, he had advanced training in radio.  He served with Scouting Squadron 1, attached to Wright, until August 1924, when he was assigned to NAS, Coco Solo, C.Z. In June 1927 he had duty with squadrons attached to Wright, after which from January 1930-April 1932, he was stationed at NAS, Norfolk, VA.

He reported to Bombing Squadron FIVE, attached to the USS Langley, and in June 1934 assumed command of Patrol Squadron 5, based at Coco Solo.

He returned to NAS, Norfolk for six months after which he fitted out and commissioned Bombing Squadron 7, which, under his command, was based aboard the USS Yorktown, from January 1937-June 1938. He was Carrier Air Group Commander aboard the USS Enterprise the next year, then fitted out the USS Patoka and commanded her until June 1940.

He completed the senior course at the Naval War College, in May 1941, and was a member of the Staff there at the outbreak of World War II. In June 19412, he was ordered to Tacoma, WA, where the USS Bogue was built. He assumed command of that ship, and during that period also commanded a Task Group operating in the Atlantic.

As Commodore, he commanded the Naval Operating Base, Midway Island, from August 1943-Sept 1944, and in November was assigned to the (Naval) Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet. On February 15 he assumed command of the USS Intrepid and remained in command until December 24, 1945.

Reporting to the Navy Department, Washington, DC, in December 1945, he was assigned to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, and from March 1946 until April 1948 served as Commander Alameda Group, Pacific Reserve Fleet. He then returned to the Navy Department as a Member of the Boarde of Decorations and Medals, Bureau of Naval Personnel, until his retirement.

Ref: ‘Twenty INTREPID Years’ Cruise Book


This Educational Venue is for former Intrepid Crewmembers

who served …’with pride and dedication’



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