Capt. P.P. Blackburn, Jr. – USN

Captain Paul P. Blackburn, Jr., – August 15, 1955 – September 21, 1956

Captain Blackburn was born in Seattle, WA and was a 1930 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, and designated a naval aviator in 1932. 

He served in various carrier, observation and patrol squadrons of the fleet and was Staff Aviation Officer for the commander of the first American task force deployed to the European Theater in the early days of the war. 

In June 1942, he commanded Patrol 201 as Commanding Officer, one of the first Navy Patrol Squadrons to receive PBM aircraft. Following a tour of duty at the Bureau of Aeronautics, Washing, DC, he reported aboard the carrier USS Randolph as navigator and later became its Executive Officer. 

Following the war he was a member of the Armed Services Petroleum Board, attended the Air War College and was Assistant Chief for Operations, Training and Plans for Commander, Air Force, Atlantic Fleet.  Captain Blackburn was Commanding Officer of the USS Duxbury Bay, Flagship of Commander, Middle East Force, prior to reporting to the National War College.  From that assignment he reported to Commander, Carrier Division FOUR as Chief of Staff.

Following this he reported for duty in the Office of Naval Operations, his last duty station before reporting as Commanding Officer of the USS Intrepid

Captain Blackburn posted a letter in the 1956 Cruise Book…Clarification follows:

“For all of us who were direct participants in USS Intrepid’s Mediterranein Cruise 1956, this book is a living record of how we lived, what we did and where we went. 

It is a faithful reflection of our triumphs and our disappointments, our fears and heartaches, or achievements and our haven of fun and relaxation. 

It shows us when we stood on guard in the very forefront of our country’s defences, as Navy men have stood throughout our history against those who would threaten our homes, our families and our way of life. 

 This book will mean many different things to many people who scan its pages. To us who lived it, this book will witness that we were members of a great team, the USS Intrepid team, bound together by comaridery of service to God and our common ideas of service to our country and pride in our comradship in devotion to those ideals.

Paul P. Blackburn, Captain, U.S. Navy, Commanding U.S.S. Intrepid”

Submitted by: FCMs  J.D. McFarlan & Rich Oberheim

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  1. I was there, I remember the time well. And I remember Captian Blackburn. Also I have the book!!!

  2. Dean, good to hear from you and thank you for your comments…and…your support of my Blog.

    John Simonetti, AMS3, V6 Div., ’61-’62, Past President, USS Intrepid Association, Inc.


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