Dear Shipmates:
You may or may not be aware of the gym exercise program Catch A Lift.
   The program – established by former Intrepid crew member Dave Coffland ’55-’58 (a Gold Star Father) – was created in memory of  his son, Christopher (K.I.A. 11/13/09). Dave has recently reported to me that, in regard to the fund, in these past two years his program has have been very busy.
   Dave’s organization now receives 10 to 15 applications per week from wounded vets of the Iraq/Afghan wars. Sorry to say many many of them are with post Traumatic Syndrome.
   Catch A Lift  works with the Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, MD and they notify Dave of vets as they are released to civilian life. When they seek further medical help the VA doctors prescribe gym exercise as the best avenue for mental and physical health, but, sorry to say, if a vet left a part of  his/her body…an arm or leg in a foreign country or have suffered mental issues resulting from their service, the U.S. Govt. does not pay for a gym!
   Most of these troops are on low financial assistance so Catch A Lift gives them a Free Gym Membership any where in the U.S.
   Dave is seeking all the help he can muster, by asking all of us, to help spread the word about the Catch A Lift Fund and to ask our representatives why this our government shuns this responsibility! Of course, the caveat is we accept all donations!
   Please go to to see and learn about some of these courageous warriors! And…spread the word to your State, County and Washington representatives, and your local news media.
   As Dave ended his message to me, he stated…”God Bless and hope all are in fine health and spirits
Lets Not Forget Those Who Have Gone Before Us
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