During an at-sea training period in 1967, the Medical Department had an adult size female dummy on board for crew training in CPR. during an unrep. with an oiler, the C.O. allowed us to place her in his starboard unrep. command chair so that she was visible from the oiler alongside, and then permitted a fake female voice to talk over the ship-to-ship radio. At her first sounds, the oiler crewmen ran to her port side, laughing and pointing at our female “crewmember”. She said “I am having a great time  with all my wonderful crewmates here on Intrepid“., and a great cheer arose. The C.O. finally said “that’s enough”, and we quickly took our female friend back to Sick Bay. – Submitted by former Medical Officer Larry Blackburn (Captain, U.S. Medical Dept. (Ret)


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