The Smugglers of Misery – Part V

The Smugglers of Misery – Part V

Full-Scale Attack. In recent months, significant efforts have been launched to do something about the illicit drug traffic into the United States. For instance:

  • Operation Intercept, a program of rigorous border inspection ordered last year, dramatically cut the flow of Mexican drugs, at least temporarily. Operation Intercept, which caused long delays a border check-points, was followrd by Operation Cooperation, a joint U.S. Mexican drive designed to slash smuggling and also drug production south of the border. Six thousand Mexican soldiers were sent on “search and destroy” missions in areas where marijuana is heavily cultivated. And for the first time, Mexico imposed controls on the sale of amphetamines and barbiturates. New legislation is being drafted by Mexican authorities to punish drug producers and smugglers.
  • A vitally important agreement was reached last January with the French government to curb the illicit processing of heroin in that country. Pressed by Washington, Paris has pledged a stepped-up campaign against drug  traffickers, with 10,000 French policemen to be trained in narcotics work.
  • At the insistence of President Nixon, nearly 700 new agents and inspectors are being hired by the woefully under-manned Customs Bureau.
  • Most important, perhaps, the President has declared an all-out war on organized crime. Federal strike forces have been set up in major cities to combat the syndicates that control narcotics and other rackets.

The Attorney General has received permission to wire-tap major drug traffickers. A comprehensive anti-crime package is moving through Congress. Administration officials expect no overnight victories. The are taking on immensely powerful, well-entrenched criminal groups. But the government’s full-scale attack is long overdue and deserves the determined support of every citizen.

The End

 Source: The Reader’s Digest, April 1970, by William Schulz


As an added Special Feature to this story readers may be interested in searching your local library, or the Internet, for the book “THE HUNT FOR “ANDRE” by Nathan M. Adams

The books ‘Forward’ reads…

For five frustrating years, U.S. Customs and narcotics agents, trying to plug a major heroin pipeline into the United States, dogged the heels of a mysterious man known to them as “Andre.” He posed, among other things, as a restaurateur in Asuncion, Paraguay, but in reality he masterminded the world’s largest heroin smuggling operation.

Reader’s Digest reporter Nathan M. Adams retraces the danger-packed trail which finally led to the capture and incarceration of the man who has been called the biggest drug boss of them all.”

This issue was reprinted with permission from the March 1973 READER’S DIGEST (c) copyright 1973

by The Reader’s Digest Assn., Inc.

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