Armed Forces Retirement Home

The mission of the Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) is to fulfill our Nation’s commitment to provide care through a comprehensive range of services for America’s Armed Forces Veterans. They support their residents’ independence, dignity, distinction, heritage and future of continued life-enriching experiences.

Together, the AFRH family of residents and staff create a place of caring and continual learning. They are committed to providing the best housing and support services possible and creating a true community of accomplished, independent residents, who are free to explore their talents, pursue their interests, and follow their dreams.

  • Residency fees for AFRH are 35% of income and the fees are capped at each campus. Since the fee is a percentage of income, it is affordable to all, and the one low fee covers not only living quarters, but also three full meals per day, including special dietary needs, wonderful recreation facilities and program, from bowling and ceramics to a 9-hole gold course on the Washington campus & covered swimming pool on the Gulfport campus, bus trips to local and regional attractions such as museums, theaters, sporting events, shipping and sightseeing.
  • Dormitories are available for independent living which provides each resident with a private room with a private bath and shower in Washington and private room in Gulfport.
  • There are state-or-the-art health care facilities with top rated primary medical care and direct entry to the world class health care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the VA Medical Center located in Washington, DC and Kessler AFB located in Gulfport, MS area.

Residency at the AFRH is open to veterans from the armed services whose active-duty service was at least 50% enlisted, warrant officer or limited-duty officer and who meet at least one of a few required criteria.

For more information go to:

And be sure to read some of the fascinating stories that can be found under the heading

“Residents’ Military Heritage”


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