12 Men Hurt As 2 Carriers Are Damaged:

NORFOLK, VA. (AP) – an aircraft carrier and a Navy ammunition ship collided in the Caribbean yesterday and a boiler blew up aboard a 2nd carrier off the Virginia coast Tuesday, the Navy said…(No date(s) were provided with this information that came to this editor). Twelve men were injured in the two accidents.

The ammunition ship USS Diamond Head and the carrier USS Independence collided while replenishing, causing extensive damage to the Diamond Head. Crewmen quickly confined damage on the Diamond Head. Crewmen extinguished a fire in the ship’s forecastle and the forward magazine was flooded.

A 20-ft long hole was punched in the Diamond Head’s right side 12 ft above the waterline. One crewman received minor injuries. The ship proceeded to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and the Independence resumed operations. No one was injured aboard the Independence.

The boiler ruptured aboard the carrier USS Intrepid Tuesday, the Navy said, injuring 11 men. One man, Airman Steven J. Yhlean of Blue Island, Ill., suffered serious burns. Three others were hospitalized and seven were treated.

A Navy spokesman said the accident occurred in the No 2 fire room when a shaft broke in a water pump feeding the boiler. The feed pump disintegrated, scattering metal parts, some of which broke the boiler casting.

The Intrepid was en rout from Norfolk for sea operations. A spokesman said it would not be necessary for the ship to enter a shipyard for repairs.”

Article submitted by FCM Joseph Salinarco, V-3 Division, 1959-1963

Let Us Not Forget Those Who Have Gone Before Us

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  1. Tom Wargo FCM USS Intrepid 1961-1963

     /  April 28, 2013

    I was on the Intrepid when that boiler exploded. That took place in Feb. of 1961. not 1960.

    • Tom…thanks for the clarification. – John

      • David E. Benedict - fcm 3432

         /  July 24, 2013

        Actually this casualty occurred on 25 April 1961. I was assigned to the Engineering Log Room two decks above #2 fire room. I saved the life of a Seaman in the Admin Office who became trapped and injured and couldn’t get out. I received a Letter of Commendation from the CO for this. There were 12 of us injured that night. The boiler did not explode as has been reported but did leak steam as did steam lines caused by the breaking of the shaft on the main feed pump. Check the posting entitled ‘Major Steam Casualty Incident’ for further details.

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