Key Vessels attacked at Pearl Harbor

Key Vessels in the Attack:

  • USS ARIZONA took eight aerial bomb hits. The battleship went down and remains below. Of her complement, 1,177 officers and men were killed.
  • USS CALIFORNIA was struck by two torpedoes and one bomb…listed, flooded and sank into the muddy bottom.
  • USS MARYLAND, though it by two bombs, sustained the least damage of any of the battleships in the Harbor, due to her protected position inboard of USS OKLAHOMA.
  • USS OKLAHOMA took 5 to 7 torpedo hits in rapid succession and went down, losing nearly a third of her crew of 1,354. Thirty-two men, trapped inside, were saved by civilian workers who cut through the upturned bottom.
  • USS NEVADA was the only battleship to get underway during the attack. Her commanding officer was ordered to deliberately run aground to avoid the risk of sinking and blocking the channel.
  • USS PENNSYLVANIA was in drydock No. 1 on December 7 and escaped serious damage.
  • USS TENNESSEE was inboard of USS WEST VIRGINIA. She sustained minor damage and was able to man her guns.
  • USS WEST VIRGINIA took the brunt of the attack. The ship was aflame and she sank. Her captain died in the action.
  • USS RALEIGH was badly damaged but somehow remained afloat with her guns in action. Amazingly not a single man aboard was killed.
  • USS DETROIT, USS ST. LOUIS and USS PHOENIX were not damaged and joined a dozen destroyers and other ships in a hunt for the Japanese.
  • USS HELENA and the mine sweeper, USS OGLALA were moored where USS PENNSYLVANIA which was in drydock, normally berthed and so were prime targets of dive bombers and torpedo planes and sustained severe damage.

Of the other cruisers, USS SAN FRANCISCO, USS HONOLULU, and USS NEWORLEANS were in repair yards at the time of attack and suffered less damage than other ships.

There were 47 destroyers in Hawaiian waters that Sunday morning. Two, USS DOWNES and USS CASSIN, which were in the drydock, were severely damaged.

The USS SHAW was in a floating dry dock when she was hit. Her magazine blew up in a spectacular explosion and sank the floating drydock.

Many support vessels were in Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack. Some of them, like the repair ship USS VESTAL and the seaplane tender USS CURTISS were badly damages.

The status of the hospital ship USS SOLACE was evident as she was painted white with prominent red crosses on the sides and topside and she was not bombed. Since medical supplies and facilities were stretched to the limit, the equipment and personnel of the USS SOLACE were desperately needed.

The USS UTAH had been converted to a mobile target/training vessel and went down taking 54 men with her.

Let Us Not Forget Those Who Have Gone Before Us

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