In Search of…FN S.A. Hoover

If anyone knows the where-a-bouts of former ‘R’ Division crewmember, FN S.A. Hoover please contact former Medical Dept. CO Captain Laurence Blackburn, USN (Ret) at or this editor at .
Hoover was a crewman that suffered a skull fracture in a void accident (in the 60s) and was carried down to Sick Bay by DC1 Hawes who, himself, died from deadly fumes resulting from that accident. Hoover was later med-evaced to Subic Bay and then to Clark AFB Hospital. The question is…did Hoover survive or not.
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  1. Mike Karakostantis

     /  July 29, 2013

    You know guys I remember so well that day it happens,as I said before I was an R Division man yes I remember corpsman Hoover I can see his face in my eyes right now. Sorry I do not know his where abounds

  2. Mike, thank you for your comments. John Simonetti, Editor

  3. Richard Clark

     /  June 23, 2014

    Knew DC1 Hawes who died in same accident. He was a good friend and a good leader who helped me out a lot when I was DCPO for the V6 DIV. I saw them bring him up out of the voids that tragic and sad day. Talked to him just several days before the accident and I think I remember him saying his wife had just had a baby. He always had a positive attitude. Richard Clark AMH3 V-6 Div. 1965 – 1966 USS INTREPID

    • Richard, good to hear from you. I will forward your post and inquiry to former Intrepid Medical Officer Lt. L. Blackburn, Capt. USNMC (Ret) who was on duty at that time and he himself was overcome by the gas and happily survived. – John Simonetti, Past Association President, ’03-’05

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