Sick Bay

Former Crew Members…you may remember FCM Bobby Williams, the ’43-’45 VF-8 squadron member who was seen on a TV clip being taken fishing? Former Intrepid Medical CO, Retired Captain Laurence Blackburn was able to locate him in a nursing home in Mechanicsburg PA, and wrote him a letter. He got a response from his POA and friend, Cathy Odell, relating that Williams was very happy to get his letter and offer of a Intrepid History Channel DVD and Intrepid book by Bill White. 
Capt Blackburn asked Ms Odell if Williams had received any other coorespondence from other FCMs after he posted a request on the Intrepid Association’s Website ‘Guest Book’. At this time, Williams had only received one other letter from a FCM named Hudson, who was aboard in ’66-’67.
Ms Odell relates that Mr. Williams is quite sick now and is concerned and also has no family…is lonely…but loves the Intrepid.
Captain Blackburn is asking former Intrepid shipmates to send their ‘thanks for his service’ to Mr. Williams which will surely mean a great deal to him. Mr. William’s current mailing address is Robert T. Williams, Bethany Village West, Room 44, 5225 Wilson Lane, Mechanicsbury, PA 17055…
…and…Lets Not Forget Those Who Have Gone Before Us.
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