Whats Wrong With My White Socks?

Hello shipmates … As I was putting on my white sox this morning  ( I always wear white except when in my dress blues ) the occasion brought  back a few memories that  you fellow sailors will enjoy — – – maybe ?
In early 1943 , I was an AMM2c (no E pay grades then) stationed in Norfolk, Va., my friend Tony Schiavone (now deceased and a WWII Intrepid FCM) was an AMM1c  (there was no special devices rating yet) & we were Link Trainer operators and maintenance trained. We were putting an E3 Special Link Trainer on the USS Essex-CV-9 at Portsmouth, Va. On one occasion, when departing the ship from  the after Brow – the Chief on Duty (JOOD in Port) spotted me with white socks on and of course I was wearing my dungarees. He put me on report right then and there … the only people who wore white socks were Officers and Chiefs  when wearing their White Uniform. Sailors back then always wore black socks and black shoes even when wearing Whites.I had a bad case of athleets foot and the Dr. had told me to wear White socks, but  did not give me a medical chit. ( there were no flip-flop shower shoes in those days) so we always showered bare foot and apparently that’s how I caught it … flip flop shower shoes came along after WWII and the Japanese showered us with goodies.I got the Doctor’s Medical authorization ‘ Chit ‘ – presented it to the Chief Master at Arms who shoved it up the line and therefore no Capts Mast – YEAH!

REGARDS,    Floyd Brown

PS: We installed the Link Trainer finally, but it never did prove successful . This was the only Instrument Trainer for pilots  that was ever put on an Essex Class carrier. I was in line to transfer to the ship as the Link Operator,  had it been successful.  Therefore I missed the WWII adventure on the Essex …Schiavone made CPO joined an SBD squadron sailed on the Intrepid (CV-11) into the WWII war zone and endured most of the kamikaze (divine wind) attacks, luckily he was not in the CPO quarters when a torpedo went thru.

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