The Shower-Safe Foot

Former Intrepid Crewmembers (FCMs), as the proud father of Michael A. Simonetti, a 23 yr. retired U.S. Navy 1st Class Deep Sea Diver (BM1) Veteran, and recent Master’s Degree (MS) holder in Rehabilitation Services, and a former Aviation Structural Mechanic (AMS2), I submit the following:

Michael’s newly formed AmpuTech, Inc. Company – a Medical Technologies for Amputees Company, – can be found at: AmpuTech, Inc.

At AmpuTech.Inc., his and his business partner Frank Jones’s Shower-Safe Foot (SSF) invention Startup Information, Upgraded Design, and Purpose of the SSF is provided with additional lower-leg prosthetics information. A Video Demonstration showing Frank Jones utilizing their initially designed SSF is also provided.
At you will find additional information on the SSF and it’s his inventors.
I can be reached my email at :