God Bless Zachary Fisher

June 21, 1999

Hi John (Simonetti)

God Bless Zachary Fisher. When I visited the Intrepid for the first time since I served aboard her for 2 years during World War II (1943-1944) I flew off the Intrepid in a T.B.F. Torpedo Plane (the Avenger) as a Radio/Radar Operator.

The Intrepid received the award as the Best Ship in the Fleet. She was hit with a Torpedo and, and five times with Japanese Kamikazes. When you see the Fighting I film, on the History Channel, you will see my plane go over the side 90 feet – upside down – after being hit with anti-aircraft fire while photographing Kwajalein in the Marshall Island.

Zachary Fisher knew the history of the Intrepid and he was determined to save this Historic ship for Posterity.

I was proud to have served aboard the Intrepid. She is now a definite part of history. Zachary Fisher was always ready to help the Military (Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. He was a true Patriot who loved this County, the United States of America.

Joe Leotta, Former Crewmember, 1943-1944

June 23, 1999

Dear John (Simonetti)

About 8 yrs ago, I was driving down town, New York, on 12 Avenue when I saw “CV11” on this big Aircraft Carrier. I said to myself, “That can’t be the Intrepid I was on!”

Well, the next day I went on the Intrepid and sure found out when I met former crewmembers Joe Leotta and Frank Doria. After asking how this ship got here they mentioned Mr. Fisher so many times. I got to know Mr Fisher very well – the greatest guy I ever met!

God be with him always.

Thank you,

Hector Giannasco, Former Crewmember, 1943-1944


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