The Shower-Safe Foot

Former Intrepid Crewmembers (FCMs), as the proud father of Michael A. Simonetti, a 23 yr. retired U.S. Navy 1st Class Deep Sea Diver (BM1) Veteran, and recent Master’s Degree (MS) holder in Rehabilitation Services, and a former Aviation Structural Mechanic (AMS2), I submit the following:

Michael’s newly formed AmpuTech, Inc. Company – a Medical Technologies for Amputees Company, – can be found at: AmpuTech, Inc.

At AmpuTech.Inc., his and his business partner Frank Jones’s Shower-Safe Foot (SSF) invention Startup Information, Upgraded Design, and Purpose of the SSF is provided with additional lower-leg prosthetics information. A Video Demonstration showing Frank Jones utilizing their initially designed SSF is also provided.
At you will find additional information on the SSF and it’s his inventors.



Some may not have been aware that the ‘Guest Book’ found on the Website found at … … was established in 2007 by a volunteer non-former Intrepid crewmember, Mr. Norman Drechsel,  to help promote – at the time – the USS Intrepid Association, Inc. (… recently renamed The USS Intrepid Former Crewmember Association). Some  may have noticed the lack of information being posted regarding ANY information coming from or regarding the USS Intrepid Former Crewmember Association on Mr. Dredhsel’s Website or in his Guest Book.

Going back a few years now, the Association opted out of utilizing Mr. Drechsel’s Website without the courtesy of any prior notification to Mr. Drechsel (except only that they were planning their on Website), but he has since opted to maintain the Guest Book as a courtesy to and in respect of ALL Former USS Intrepid (CV, CVA, CVS-11) Former Crewmembers (FCMs).

In appreciation to Mr. Drechsel and on behalf of ALL FCMs, I thank him for the many years and personal time he has devoted in supporting the USS Intrepid Association, Inc. by way of providing access to his Website and Guest Book for all who showed interest. And, I add, his Guest Book will still be available for those who still may be interested. – LET US NOT FORGET THOSE WHO HAVE GONE BEFORE US

John Simonetti, AMS3, V6 Div, Past President, USS Intrepid Association, Inc.,’03-’05,