Former Crewmembers (FCMs), in support of a former shipmate, Dave Coffland ’55-’58 (a Gold Star Father), I provide the following:

Dave’s son, Christopher (Chris) was KIA on Nov 13, 2009 in Afghanistan serving our country. In honor and memory of Chris, Dave’s daughter Lynn, initiated the Catch A Lift (CAL) Foundation. Please go to and click on the ‘About Us’ LINK, where you will learn about Corporal Christopher Coffland and his purpose in life. And, on Dave’s behalf, I am adamant about supporting CAL, so I’ve provided the following summary of CAL:

– CAL works with the Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, MD who notifies CAL of vets released to civilian life. When they seek further medical help the VA doctors prescribe gym exercise as the best venue for mental and physical health, but, sorry to say, if a veteran left an arm or leg in a foreign country or have suffered mental issues resulting from their service, the U.S. Govt. does not pay for a gym! CAL, a non-profit started in 2010, enables post 9-11 combat wounded veterans to regain and maintain physical and mental health by providing gym memberships or in home gym equipment to them anywhere in the US. Since inception, CAL now has over 1700 vets in the program and contributes to the need, want and success of it’s mission throughout the post 9-11 combat wounded veteran population.The demand is so great that it will double this coming year.

– CAL veterans are maintaining their fitness nationwide, using the mantra Chris Coffland lived his life by; “through fitness, you can reach your highest potential both mentally and physically”.

– CAL follows the veterans fitness journey through assigned CAL Squads, and Squad Leaders follow the veteran over the course of each year. CAL also provides on-line certification classes in nutrition and fitness for qualified CAL veterans.  Support, camaraderie and team bonding ensures success!

– CAL’s 2014 Audit reports 90.4% of funds are directly spent on CAL veterans and has been rated as a 2015 Top Non-Profit by the ‘greatnonprofits’ organization ( ).

– CAL believes each veteran wants to, and can, actively contribute to his or her own physical and mental health journey.  They bravely supported our nation; now CAL, and we, can support their fitness goals.

Your support of CAL, in any way, will show Dave that we care.

Thank you. – John Simonetti, Past President, USS Intrepid Association, Inc., ’03-’05”